The Desire of Ages

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It’s the greatest love story ever told, masterfully captured by the pen of Ellen White.

The Desire of Ages not only tells about Jesus’ life while He lived here on earth, it places this within the context of God’s eternal plan of salvation.

Here you will find rare insights into:
•  just why Jesus came to Earth
•  how He was the realisation of all of the promises recorded in the Old Testament
•  what His life and death mean for you personally

The Desire of Ages shows how God has revealed what He is like not only to people, but to the entire universe.

God is love.

This incredible book tells it all:

How God has given us many ways we can know His love:

•  the beautiful world He created for us
•  the care of angels
•  the love of other people

But Jesus is the ultimate representation of that love.

And the gift of Jesus to the world was all of heaven in a single, extravagant gift.

Love… believes all things

This book shows the depth of God’s love by giving behind-the-scenes insights into the interplay of events and their cosmic significance:

How the gift of Jesus to the world revealed God’s eternal plan of redemption to save the human race.

How in fulfilment of the promise given to Abraham that one of His descendants would be the Saviour of humanity, Jesus was born as a baby to Mary.

How this meant that the Jewish nation had the privilege of sharing God’s love with all other people on earth.


God’s great love for everyone was misunderstood, even by the people He had cared for during centuries of time

So Jesus came – to show the world what God is really like.

God is Love

But even when Jesus came.

And showed us that God is love:

His own people still clung to their ideas:

• To their greed.

• To their tyranny over the poor.

• To their hatred.

Which eventually became focused on:

Jesus Himself.

Because He refused to take part in any of it.

• He cared for the poor.

• He healed the sick.

• He offered hope for those with wrecked and ruins lives.

All the ones the Jewish rulers had said were beneath God’s mercy.

Jesus showed the truth about God’s character:

God is Love

And love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things.

So Jesus, in spite of:

• rejection by His own people

• betrayal by one of His closest friends

• abandonment by all of His remaining followers

still went to the cross.

At the taunts of the leaders to save Himself, Christ knew that He could come down from the cross.

So why didn’t He?

“Christ could have come down from the cross. But it is because He would not save Himself that the sinner has hope of pardon and favour with God.”
– The Desire of Ages, p. 749

“Love never fails.”

But this story does not leave us in despair, for:

Christ rises from the dead in majesty and glory.

In fact:

“Mountains piled upon mountains over His sepulchre could not have prevented Him from coming forth.” – The Desire of Ages, pp. 780-781

More than that, The Desire of Ages tells of parting promises at Jesus’ return to heaven:

• I AM with you always.

• I go to prepare a place for you.

• I will come again.

These precious promises give us:

• Peace about the past

• Purpose in the present

• Hope for the future

The deep spiritual insights into the life of Jesus, and what these mean for you personally make this a compelling book.

The Desire of Ages will be treasured by all who love Jesus and want to experience a closer relationship with Him.

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