Dr James Wright: Family Medical Care

Set of 5 Books

Doctor James Wright: Family Medical Care

  • How can I keep fit and well during my pregnancy?

  • Could this be cancer?

  • These 5 volumes cover a huge range of topics:

  • Just what the doctor ordered…

Just what the doctor ordered…

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These 5 volumes cover a huge range of topics:

Volume 1: Parenting

Volume 1, the first of a 2-book sub-series on parenting, guides you through developing a successful marriage partnership (the social side of health), the stages of pregnancy, and great advice for new Mums. From the financial aspects of marriage, to the details of what happens inside your body as your bump develops, to health issues that can crop up after bub has arrived, this book provides all the basic advice you need to start a family.

Volume 2: Parenting

Being a new Mum or Dad brings not only excitement, but responsibility (often in totally uncharted territory!). Being able to tell the difference between a minor complaint and a major health issue is so important in caring for babies whose health can go downhill extremely quickly if a serious illness occurs.

Volume 2 covers major childhood diseases and what to do about them. The wealth of information here is all conveniently arranged according to human body systems – so you can easily find it and confidently care for your new Bub!

Volume 3: Medical

As Baby grows into a toddler, then a child, different health issues emerge. There’s also your own and your partner’s health to think about. Volume 3 begins a 3-part sub-series on medical care that will answer these questions. Covering 3 body systems – circulatory, respiratory and digestive – along with a section on Emergency First Aid, you will not want to be without advice like:

  • preventing a heart attack
  • preventing various types of cancer
  • what to do in an emergency

Volume 4: Medical

Continuing the medical series, another 6 body systems:

  • communication (nervous) system
  • blood
  • immune
  • renal (urinary) system
  • endocrine system (glands)
  • reproductive system

and their most common diseases are covered here.

Volume 5: Medical

To conclude the medical (and entire) series, Volume 5 provides details on another 3 body systems – the special senses, skin and muscles. There are proactive strategies you can use to maximise your health and simple, easy home treatments for minor health complaints. Discover tips on:=

  • vitamin and mineral adequacy
  • how to sleep at night
  • weight management

and lots, lots more!

Written in an easy-to-read style, often in question and answer format, these books are an excellent guide for well-being with general health information on today’s most common illnesses.

Dr Wright Family Medical Care 5-volume set is a top resource for newly-weds, as well as for those already in the process of bringing up a family… and there is plenty of great advice for seniors, too!

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