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We all know that reading a book to kids at bedtime is great, but now the benefits have been quantified by science. And it’s a lot more than just being ‘good for them’. Reading bedtime stories:

  • Gives children an edge in life
  • Improves language and literacy skills, and boosts brain development in pre-schoolers
  • Improves parent-child relationships

Better than Private Education?

bedtime stories benefit brain development
British Academic Adam Swift recently reported that reading bedtime stories to children has greater benefits than a private school education.

Mr Swift said the “evidence shows that the difference between those who get bedtime stories and those who don’t is bigger than the difference between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t,” [Reference].

Mr Swift was so impressed by the difference that he became concerned about the disadvantages for children who don’t receive bedtime stories.

Evening tales also promote good family bonding, Mr Swift added. In an increasingly digital age, quality family time is being stretched thin.

Connecting with Your Children

Between day care, TV meals, and technology, it can be hard to get in enough quality contact time. Current research is revealing how critical bedtime stories can be for reconnecting with family and promoting children’s healthy brain development.

So how can parents maximise on this important evening habit? By reading great stories of course!

Jerry D. Thomas has written the Great Stories for Kids series, which can help you connect with your children and teach them great practical life skills at the same time.

Would your child know how to respond in an emergency situation?

What about if a stranger approached them at the park, or they see a friend being bullied at school?

Great Stories for Kids is packed full of lively, funny, and character-building stories that kids will love to hear. Parents will love these stories too because they help initiate important conversations.


Smarter Kids

So how exactly does reading to children affect their brain development? The Huffington Post reported in June 2015 that new research using MRI scanning while children are being read to, reveals greater brain activity in the parts of the brain controlling visual imagery and narrative comprehension.

The point that bedtime stories are beneficial for children is not new, but now researchers are seeing biological evidence.

bedtime stories benefit child imagination

The New York Times was also excited about the research. “Children whose parents reported more reading at home…showed significantly greater activation of brain areas,”. This brain activation occurs both when young children are being read to and when older children read to themselves.

Dr John S. Hutton is a clinical research fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre who was the lead author in the new studies. He reports that children who are read to will be better readers when they are older because “they’ve developed that part of the brain that helps them see what is going on in the story,”.

This supports other research that shows that school-aged children write one level below the curriculum stage that they read at. In other words, reading to children and encouraging them to read for themselves enhances their literacy skills and encourages better writing.

That’s a Big Word

Another advantage of bedtime stories is that they improve a child’s vocabulary. Jessica Montag, an assistant research psychologist at the University of California, recently published her findings on the subject in the Psychological Science journal.

She reports that “books contain a more diverse set of words than child-directed speech”. This means that they will learn more new words from bedtime stories than they would in everyday conversation.

Great Stories for Kids deals with a lot of varied topics to help your children learn not only new words, but also how to deal with new situations.

bedtime stories benefit children writing

Here’s just a few of the topics that Great Stories for Kids delves into:

  • Coping with asthma
  • Dealing with prejudice
  • Being kind to animals
  • When parents argue – fear of divorce and living with divorced parents
  • Making good decisions
  • Learning to share and be unselfish
  • Protection from strangers
  • Learning to deal with shyness
  • The importance of courtesy
  • Understanding self-esteem
  • Accepting responsibility for your actions
  • Learning patience

Each book contains dozens of stories, meaning that finding an entertaining tale is simpler than ever.
No more looking through thirty individual books, leaving them spread across the floor to be cleaned up in the morning. With five volumes, Great Stories for Kids gives you access to over a hundred different quality stories.

Sense of occasion

Bedtime can often be stressful for parents and children. Developing the habit of reading a great bedtime story gives kids something to look forward to in the evenings.

When stories become a motivator, bedtime routines can be less of a hassle. Routine is also essential for young children, and bedtime stories help calm the frenzy so that children can sleep better.

bedtime stories connecting with your children

Setting them Up for Life

Finding an old bedtime story from our own childhood brings back a flood of memories. These stories are powerful enough to stick with us for life, so don’t you want to make sure the tales your children remember will give them skills for life as well as entertaining them at bed time?

Jerry D. Thomas had been extremely intentional with his topics, providing practical subject matter to help parents broach difficult but important topics with their children.

As a father of three, Jerry D. Thomas understands the challenges in raising kids. That’s why he wrote entertaining stories that also have real-life messages built into them.

Beautiful Memories

Bedtime fun has never been easier and you can relax knowing that you are also helping your children develop their literacy, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. If bedtime stories are already a regular feature in your home, then give yourself a pat on the back. If not, consider starting a new habit today.

If you’re not sure which stories to pick, check out our products here. You can also request a no obligation home visit from the Living Well Facilitators to view children’s books and other great family resources. Give your children the best start in life.

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If you’re not sure which stories to pick, check out our products HERE.

You can also request a no obligation home visit from our Living Well Facilitators to view children’s books and other great family resources. Give your children the best start in life. Fill out the form adjacent.

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