What is a Living Well Facilitator?

Living Well Facilitators have a rich heritage of helping families enjoy health and happiness through the distribution of high quality, family-strengthening books and media. We are the distributor for Signs Publishing Company, which has been printing in Australia since 1885. Living Well Facilitators sell direct to the public via our network of distributors throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Our Philosophy

We are strong believers in family values, holistic health and wellness. As such, we are committed to distributing a wide range of high quality products that strengthens families and meets their ever-expanding needs.

Our Products

We have a range of over 250 products on topics such as food, health and natural healing, life values education, parenting and relationships, stress management, sexuality, and spirituality. Widely known products include Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories (out of print), and Family Medical Care by best-selling author and media personality, Dr James Wright.

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Living Well Facilitators are committed to creating an environment where you and your family can thrive! We can provide you with resources to help you live a meaningful, God-centred life!

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